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Is anyone else having trouble getting onto Live Journal?
The silly site won't let me on. :/

Thank God I remembered my Dreamwidth account at the last minute! XD
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LJ is playing up again~ up again~
LJ is playing up again~ Oh what am I to do? XD

Yes this is how weird and strange I am at times. :P
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A friend on Deviantart wanted to know how many manga I have at the moment.
Wasn't easy to count since there littered all over the house.
Been collecting for years so wasn't that easy to do but finally counted them all. (i think...)

And the count was~

*drum roll*


I have 495 manga?! Thats even more then I first thought!!! XD

New Year

Dec. 31st, 2011 05:19 pm
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Ok so i know i don't have many people friends, watchers, subscribers or whatever you call it.. :P
But i wanted to wish everyone the best for new years.^^
I know its early but with my memory the way it is i thought i would do this on here now. XD

Hopefully when things have calmed down in the new year i can start having a look round this site and maybe meet some new friends.^^

Its always fun discovering new friends and just having fun and fangirling with the old ones. ;)

All the best to everyone in the new year! <3
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I really need to find the time to look around this site more. :P
Right now my health is getting in the way and this time of year is so busy i find little time to do things and so get behind. *sigh*
Oh well... Hopefully i will get time when things calm down in the new year and then i can have a look-see around dreamwidth properly. :)

In the mean time~ i always reply when commented and can always be found on Livejournal! XD


Dec. 16th, 2011 01:48 pm
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Hi! :D

First posts are always the hardest to write for me because i never know what to say! XD

Started this up while the option was avilable to open a account without one of those code things. :P Many of my friends are on here because of problems with livejournal getting attacked and being hard to go on.

Don't know right now how often i will use this because LJ is sort of a addiction for me but we'll see. :)

So~ Hi everyone. ^_^


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